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Rhino Plumbers Sydney - Rhino Plumbing and Drainage
Looking for a Local Plumber in Sydney?
24 Hour Emergency Service    (02) 9688 5118
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Looking for a Local
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Rhino Plumbing unblock your toilet fast. No hidden fees, no complicated process. And with 24-hour emergency services available, you no longer have to wait days for a plumber. If you have a blocked toilet drain, call anytime and our team will be on their way with everything they need to get your toilet running again. Talk to our team today and we'll provide you with a competitive, obligation free quote.

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Why Choose Rhino Plumbing?

For years, Rhino Plumbing has provided homes and businesses throughout Greater Sydney with professional plumbing services. We're locally owned and passionate about helping you get your plumbing in order for a competitive price. Our master plumbers are available 24/7 to help with your plumbing and are more than happy to offer assistance and advice.

  • Local, Family-Owned Plumbers
  • 24-Hour Emergency Plumbing
  • Clean and Efficient Service
  • Up- Front Pricing, No Hidden Costs
  • Always On Time!
  • No Call Out Fees for Accepted Quotes

Our Blocked Toilets Service

Inspection and Quote

All our services start with an assessment of the situation, so we can provide you with a competitive and accurate quote.

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rhino plumber

Blocked Toilet Drain Cleaning

We clear out your blocked toilet drain using the appropriate method, whether that's drain cleaning,

Toilet Drain Pipe Repairs

If the problem runs deeper and is caused by a break in the pipe, we'll repair the pipe after clearing it to ensure it won't get blocked the same way again.

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What's Blocking My Toilet?

If your toilet is blocked there could be any of several things causing the blockage. Our plumber will need to carefully look into your toilet for the cause of the blockage so we can fix it. Typically, blocked toilets are caused by:

  • Flushing too much toilet paper
  • Flushing things that arent toilet paper down the toilet
  • Using your toilet as a rubbish bin
  • Having pets that use your loo as a litter tray
  • Tree roots invading and clogging up the pipes
  • And more

If your toilet is blocked, our team will take a look at it using a drain camera. With it, we can identify the cause of the blockage and work out the best way to fix it. This could be using an industrial plunger to clear the blockage, or blasting away the blockage with a water jet. Whatever the issue, our plumbers can fix it and quickly restore your toilet to working order.

rhino plumber
rhino plumber

Blocked Toilet Repairs Sydney

As well as blocked toilets, we can also handle toilet repairs. One of our most frequent call outs is for emergency toilet repairs, and for good reason. There are a host of reasons why your toilet might need repairing and it is always easier and much faster to call in an experienced plumber than try to fix these problems yourself.

6 reasons why you might need your toilet repaired.

  • Worn washers, bolts or seals.
  • Waste accumulates over time in the u-bend, causing a blockage.
  • Toys, shoes and other objects take up residence in your toilet.
  • Tree roots break your sewage pipes.
  • The flush valve seat and flapper needs replacing.
  • Nappies, personal wipes, toilet paper and feminine products can cause an instant blockage.
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Book Your Service Today

Call today and our plumber will be on their way to your property, ready to get your blocked toilets back in order. With an experienced, licensed team of plumbers and a passion for quality, we can have everything back in order fast. Call now for a competitive quote.

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