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Looking for a Local Plumber in Sydney?
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Toilet Repairs Sydney

At Rhino Plumbing & Drainage, one of our most frequent call outs are for emergency toilet repairs in Sydney. There are a host of reasons why your toilet might need repairing and it is always easier and much faster to call in an experienced plumber, than try to fix these problems yourself.   We also provide tap services and tap repair services.

6 reasons why you might need your toilet repaired

You can try unblocking a toilet yourself, but may find you flood the bathroom and make the problem worse.  You could have a bigger underlying issue, so its always best to get professional advice from a plumber before you attempt repairing your own toilet.

Here are 6 issues that might be causing you problems with your toilet.

1. Worn washers, bolts or seals.
2. Waste accumulates over time in the u-bend, causing a blockage.
3. Toys, shoes and other objects take up residence in your toilet.
4. Tree roots break your sewage pipes.
5. The flush valve seat and flapper needs replacing.
6. Nappies, personal wipes, toilet paper and feminine products can cause an instant blockage.

At Rhino Plumbers we have years of experience with toilet repairs so can provide you the best and most cost effective solution to your toilet problems.

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