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How to identify a water leak before it turns into a flood Sydney

More often than not, you don’t know that you have a water leak until the ceiling falls down or your water bill goes through the roof. As experienced plumbers in Sydney, we know that there are a few signs that clearly indicate that something is wrong, either with your plumbing or your roof.
If you can spot a small water leak when it has just begun, then you can call us in to fix it, before it turns into a really complicated and expensive problem.

So here are 3 ways you can identify a leak, before it gets out of hand.

1. Discolorations on ceilings and walls: A slow insidious water leak can start off with a brownish stain on ceilings and walls, turning into a black stain signifying mould if it is not fixed. Once this mould (or damp) starts, the only way to fix it is to locate the leak and repair the problem. Damp is a well-known health problem, especially to the young, elderly and those with a poor immune system and needs to be identified and repaired ASAP.
2. Musty odours: If one or more rooms of your home smell ‘musty’, this can indicate that there is a concealed water leak somewhere, either in the walls, ceiling or the floor. These type of leaks are easy to disregard until your water bill comes in, but if you do smell a ‘musty’ odour, we can come in and locate the source of the problem fairly quickly for you.
3. Sounds of dripping or running water: Whilst these are fairly obvious, sometimes we do tend to ignore the sound of dripping or running water. What usually happens is that you have a look around the house and if you can’t find the source, think that you must be imagining the sounds. The problem is that you could have a water leak in your walls, which can easily be located and fixed by an experienced plumber in Sydney.

So if you think that you might have a water leak, call us today on 02 9863 3025, email us at or complete our online enquiry form for a free quote.

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