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How to unblock a drain

Do you want to know how to unblock a drain? Well, have you noticed that the water in your shower or kitchen sink is slow to drain or your toilet water seems to rise before it empties properly?

These are very annoying problems and are signs that that your pipes are becoming blocked. If you don’t do something about it, they are likely to block completely. At this point, you will really need to call in a plumber who knows how to unblock drains, but if you can catch the problem before it reaches this point, you can often head off a plumbing bill.

How to unblock drains the easy way

It is best to avoid using corrosive chemical drain cleaners to unblock a kitchen sink or drain, because these can do more harm than good. Instead, try these natural DIY fixes before calling your plumber.

  • Try a plunger: If you need to unblock a kitchen sink, you can try using a plunger first. This can often dislodge obstructions and are really easy to use. Simply place the plunger over the drain hole with enough water in the sink to partially cover the rubber cuff of the plunger.

This creates a seal and helps to dislodge any obstructions. Then pump the plunger a few times, removing it quickly after half a dozen plunges. Unblocking a sink is not always easy and you might need to do this a few times. However, it doesn’t always work.

  • Baking soda drain cleaner: This is a natural and chemical free way to unblock a kitchen sink or drain and is surprisingly effective. All you need to do is pour 1 cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by ½ cup of white vinegar. Replace the plug and leave it to stew for about 30 minutes.

This technique is usually very good at unblocking a sink or drain, but sometimes you need to repeat it a few times. It is also a good idea to do this once a month, so you always keep your drains free of any debris that might cause an obstruction if it is left too long.

As you can see, learning how to unblock drains is pretty easy and most people should be able to use the baking soda fix, even if you aren’t up to using a plunger.

However, if you have used our ‘how to unblock a drain’ instructions and it hasn’t worked for you or you simply prefer that we come in and fix your problem, call us today on 02 9863 3025, email us at or complete our online enquiry form for a free quote.

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